The South Suburban Action Conference


Upon its founding in June of 1986, SSAC adopted a mission of reconciliation, dedicated to building an inclusive membership, reaching across all lines of race, religious denomination, social and economic class and geography throughout the south suburbs. This inclusive outreach has led to the involvement of thousands of leaders from the south suburban region, culminating in SSAC’s Pentecost Convention on May 19, 1991, where over 4,300 people came together in unity and determination to improve the quality of life in the south suburbs. This stands as the largest event of its kind ever organized in the Midwest.

Since its founding, SSAC has emerged as perhaps the premiere church-based citizen’s organization in the Midwest, and has contributed to many unprecedented and nationally recognized improvements to the quality of life in the south suburbs.

SSAC fought for and won inclusion of language in the Capital Bill to provide jobs for minority communities. All of these achievements are fully consistent with the by-laws and Articles of Incorporation of SSAC. All SSAC officers, core team leaders and task force leaders are justifiably proud of these achievements.


Most recently SSAC has tapped into Latino community developing leaders and building coalitions with local elected officials to work for the betterment of the community. One example, in Calumet City and Blue Island, SSAC helped on the creation of “Equal and Fair City for All including immigrants” and in Posen, SSAC organized a public meeting to put an end to racial profiling. As a result, SSAC leadership in St Stanislaus church is in the process of making another agreement with Posen local officials in creating an “Equal and Fair City to all residents



Today, we stand on the threshold of a new era in social justice work. The South Suburban Action Conference (SSAC) along with Gamliel of Metro Chicago (GMC) and our state wide affiliates: Faith Coalition For The Common Good (FCCG) in Springfield, United Congregations of Metro East (UCM) in Madison County, Quad Cities Interfaith (QCI) in Davenport have become statewide organization. This will increase our power, reduce our administrative burden and allow us to have greater influence at every level of our work.


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