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Rally in Chicago Tonight To Launch National Mobilization for Senate Passage with Gamaliel of Metro Chicago students and families

CHICAGO, IL. Dec. 9, 2010 – Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) today celebrated the House DREAM Act victory while making plans to get the DREAM Act passed by the Senate and signed into law.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced this morning that he will file the House-passed bill for debate on the Senate floor next week.

“Senator Reid is a champion of sensible immigration policy and is working very hard to get the DREAM Act signed into law,” Rep. Gutierrez said.  “The announcement that the Senate will consider the House-passed bill is great news because it gives us the opportunity to get the DREAM Act to the President’s desk before we adjourn.  We now have the weekend and into next week to launch a national mobilization to get the votes to enact this important bill that could literally change the course of hundreds of thousands of young lives and make our country and our military stronger.”

The Congressman will attend a rally and celebration in Chicago this evening, hosted by Gamaliel of Metro Chicago  (GMC) to stand with DREAM Act-eligible students, their families, and other supporters to immediately launch the Senate vote-gathering effort.  [The event will be held at 6:30 p.m. CT at Rebaño Compañerismo Church, 2435 West Division Street, Chicago.]

“Rep. Gutierrez has been the loudest voice in the fight for the DREAM Act. The hate needs to stop. Discrimination is morally wrong. We are all brothers and sisters members of one and only one community. We must unite and condemn ignorance and racism now and tomorrow,” says Rev. Bigsby, Co-Covener of GMC.

“In the House, we were inspired by DREAM Act students who have persevered and succeeded against all odds,” Rep. Gutierrez continued.  “We are trying to follow the example of these young leaders and keep moving forward.  When we had been counted out, we stuck with it.  The House, the White House, and the broad movement for immigration reform will make it clear to every Senator in both parties that they stand at an historic crossroads.  This is not about politics but about the aspirations of families and whole communities across the 50 states.  We will not let this opportunity pass without doing everything we can to get a bill to President Obama for his signature.”

On Friday, Dec. 3, nearly 300 faith and community leaders from the Gamaliel Foundation will rallies at the Chicago office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to press President Obama for an immediate end to detentions and deportations of noncriminal immigrants, and for an end to 287(g) agreements.

Bearing American flags together with the flags from their home countries, the religious and community leaders delivered over 500 hundred petitions to President Obama to Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who has pledged to deliver them to the president.

“President Obama promised to take action to fix our nation’s broken immigration system in his first year in office, but he hasn’t followed through on this commitment to the American people,” said Rev. Bigsby, Co-Covenor of Gamaliel of Metro Chicago.  “

President Obama started out as an organizer in the Gamaliel network, and we’re going to remind him that our faith demands action to keep families together and end the daily cruelty of out broken immigration system.”

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