POWER is an organizing cluster of Gamaliel of Metro Chicago that is an effort to build a powerful, metropolitan-wide, social justice organization to work on such issues as public education, prison reform, job access, affordable housing and voter participation. The organization is interfaith and multi-racial. It will engage ordinary people in the political and economic decisions affecting their lives and be a unified voice for the faith community to act on its values in the public arena. 

 For more information about the POWER cluster please sign up to our newsletter or contact us at: 312-666-2663.

POWER Cluster Steering Committee

Rev. Michael A. Jones, – sttitusone@sbcglobal.net

St. Titus One MB Church



Rev. Dianna Amacker – encouragesomebody@gmail.com

Boosters For Christ Revival Center & Youth Unshackled Ministries (YUM)

Vice President

Rev. Ira J. McDowell Sr. – iramac5527@gmail.com

Berean Christian Center & Outreach Ministry


Rev. David W. Watkins III – pastordavid@gbmbc-chicago.org

Greater Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church

Recording Secretary

Rev. Ronald Daugherty – rodthatsme@hotmail.com

New Beginnings Full Gospel Church

Corresponding Secretary


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