Who we are:

The Justice Task Force or Fuerza Del Sol is the youth and young adults organizing table of Pilsen Neighbors Community Council and Gamaliel of Metro Chicago to increase and solidify community engagement and involvement in the city of Chicago, with a focus on Social Justice. The key issues identified by the task force are that of criminal Justice and civil rights of immigrants.  The purpose of this initiative is to help young people in our community understand power in the public arena so that they can become strong leaders and advocates in issues affecting them, the community.  The Justice Task Force is made up young people from all over the city. The Justice Task Force is looking for active and forward thinking leaders to help us make a bigger impact in our community. We need young leaders who thrive on working together to push a stronger and more inclusive society.

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What we’re doing/Have done:

(Completed) Early Visual Campaign 2016. #whywaitdontvotelate

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(Completed) Rally for the Protection of Immigrants.









Date executed: December 10, 2016. 11:00AM. Information video.

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When & Where do we meet?

The 3rd Saturday of the month (with variances). Next meeting, January 29, 2017.

PNCC site:  2026 S Blue Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60608


Justice Task Force in the News

December 19, 2016. Chicago Youth Activists Fight Trump’s Deportation Threats.


Nurys Uceta

Sarina Sweis

Esteban Perez

Mylisha Harvey

Armani Brockman

Andrew Sanchez

Rosemarie Dominguez

Caleb Sturghill

Katherine Huete

Jennifer Idrovo

Kayla Jackson

Blanca Jara

Melissa Salinas

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