Gamaliel of Metro Chicago (GMC), a partnership alliance between the Southwest Cluster (Pilsen Neighbors Community Council and Midway area schools) POWER Cluster, the University Round Table Cluster and the South Suburban Cluster (South Suburban Action Conference). GMC continues to play a major role in the work and initiatives to bridge relationships between the African American, White and Latino communities.  With GMC’s proven capacity to ‘win’ issues at the local and city-wide levels — through Core Team and organizational Issue Task force actions, leaders also are at the forefront in leading campaigns around seemingly intractable problems that require a regional approach if any change is to occur.  Issues such as civil rights of immigrants, universal health care, equitable funding of public education, employment, inclusionary housing, recreation, revenue sharing, urban sprawl, public safety and economic development continue to be major priorities for GMC leaders. GMC was founded in 2008.

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